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If you have a name-brand computer, check the manufacturer's web site and download any software or driver updates they recommend.For example, Dell recommends that its users update their BIOS before upgrading to XP SP2.[I accidentally installed XP SP2 without first turning off my antivirus and nothing bad happ&%$()**NO CARRIER**] Step nine is probably the hardest step of them all.If you follow steps one through eight, step nine is probably completely unnecessary. And sometimes, although not often, XP SP2 installations go horribly awry.

You are always welcome to send me email asking for assistance, but I have to warn you that I get so much email that it is almost impossible for me to keep up.

Microsoft shipped massive amounts of free XP SP2 CD-ROMs to Circuit City, Best Buy, and places like that. If you can't find a copy of XP SP2 in your local tech store or, even worse, if your local tech store tries to sell it to you [something that happened to at least one Best Buy customer in the Chicago area a few weeks ago], hop on over to en_us/

This page lets you order the XP SP2 CD-ROM directly from Microsoft. Personal experience shows that unwanted stuff on your computer like viruses or spyware [see step 3] can wreck havoc on ANY software installation, especially a major operating system upgrade.

To help understand what defines each period, here are some of the major design elements for each period.

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For a list of the XP SP2 upgrade sites for most of the major PC manufacturers, check out you can’t find your computer manufacturer’s web site, call the company or store that sold you your computer and ask them if they know of any issues with upgrading your make and model of computer to XP SP2. Just to be extra safe, make sure to copy ALL of the important stuff on your computer to a CD-ROM, DVD, thumb drive, external hard drive, or whatever. In particular, make sure to backup your: No, I don't mean go back to step one. It's usually a good idea to flush the decks, so to speak, before you install any major program or operating system upgrade on your computer.