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Updating ccr information

A recessed hand grip area is available towards the top.The AC cord jack is at the extreme right and the whip antenna (for FM, Weather, 2-meter) is at the very top right.Underneath the display, to the right, are up/down tuning buttons used to tune the radio in its largest tuning increments.The up/down tuning buttons also do double duty when the radio is off for setting the clock.Some models, such as the Sangean DT-400W substituted the weather band for TV audio. At first glance, one would say - yeah okay, that's really not much difference from the CCR . The controls are pretty much laid out the same and the appearance is identical.As the CCR already included weather, I was indeed curious as to what their approach was. For those not familiar with the CCRadio family, let's go over the basics. For the remainder of this review, we will refer to Amateur (Ham) 2-meter as VHF. The large 5 inch, 6 watt speaker dominates the left side of the radio.The sleep feature allows you set the radio for auto shut-down after 120, 90, 60, 30 or 15 minutes.I am a big fan of "sleep" settings as I have a bad habit of walking away from radios and just running batteries down.

The signal icon under the strength meter will flash while the tuning is occurring. Crane refers to the internal ferrite antenna as a Twin Coil Ferrite ® AM Antenna.This is even more important with the CCR2, as I will explain later.The up/down tuning buttons allow you to jump in increments of 10 k Hz on AM, 100 k Hz on FM and 5 k Hz on VHF.Up on top are the five pre-set buttons (five for each band) in the center, the "mode switch" on the left, which switches between bands and auxiliary input.The weather alert button is in between the presets and the band switch.

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The next big change is the significantly improved display lighting. of the instruction manual is in error as it indicates that the backlight turns off after 15 seconds).

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