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But as a manager who is unlikely to be rich any time soon, I am frustrated by his inability to notify me when he will be out and embarrassed when I don’t know when or if he’ll be coming in.

I don’t want to be the monster who fires a sickly old grandpa.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, your other options would be restructuring his work so that an unannounced absence doesn’t cause problems (if that’s possible; it might not be) or talking to him about going on disability leave. He might just not realize it’s causing issues, or might not know that Jane isn’t contacting you every time. My coworker is on an aggressive crusade about keeping the kitchen clean So a few weeks ago a lady who works on my floor started a break room crusade — passive-aggressive notes on the fridge and microwave, aggressively pursuing people who left things out, etc.

Last week, she emailed my supervisor, asking him to do something about my horrible messiness, saying that I was creating an unsanitary environment, not respecting the space that belongs to everyone, and generally making it seem like I was regularly leaving huge messes in the break room.

My supervisor forwarded me her email, adding that he expected me to fix the problem because it would be bad news if he had to escalate it to the department head. I don’t feel like it was at all necessary to involve my supervisor over something so banal, especially before actually having a conversation with me about the conflict.

Over the years, he’s taken time off for many serious medical issues, and recently took a few months off for cancer treatment.

He had medical clearance to return to work, but his health seems to be worse than ever and declining.

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Any advice on how to approach this new, dumb workplace dynamic? This would be a bizarre thing for him to escalate to your department head and would likely make him look bad if he did, unless your department head loves getting involved in petty drama.

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