Radiocarbon dating stonehenge

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Radiocarbon dating stonehenge

SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: burial; grave burial CATEGORY: term DEFINITION: The practice of burying the dead, contrasting with cremation and exposure.

Burial may be in a dug grave, or in a natural or built chamber -- and may be simple or elaborate.

Corded beakers, stone battle-axes, and SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: bell beaker (see also funnel beaker, protruding foot beaker)CATEGORY: ceramics DEFINITION: A simple pottery drinking vessel without handles, more deep than wide, much used in prehistoric Europe.

The pottery was usually red or brown burnished ware, decorated with horizontal panels of comb- or cord-impressed designs.

Some other Germanic peoples took part in the migrations, such as the Jutes and the Frisians, and they are sometimes included under this name. The movement to the area probably began in the 4th century when barbarian Foederati went to serve in the Roman army in Britain.

Primary inhumation is the initial burial of a deceased individual.

Secondary inhumation is the practice of removing the remains of the deceased individual from the pyre to the grave.

Most archaeological evidence comes from the cemeteries, including the exceptional ship burial at .

Churches were built and in the Middle and Late Saxon periods, including Bradford-Upon-Avon and Deerhurst.

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