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Linksys validating identity problem

I'm assuming from the firmware seems this product is a hybrid , with the modem tacked onto the router platform rather than a dedicated gateway platform as with Broadcom 63xx series in many gateways popular here on Whirlpool.

Couple of important things to note: To me this is unacceptable for a 0 Broadcom unit when D-Link's cheaper/older units have it fully supported. This modem is supposed to have ALL the boxes ticked except VOIP/3G features (which are hidden in the firmware anyway) If the SPI and IPTV is fixed, I would definitely classify this as the best AC DSL Gateway on the market, and I have used and modded enough gateways to know otherwise.

Only down side is the current price tag which should drop down soon as it starts filtering into every common retail change.

Plus it's capabilities seem quite good with just about everything.

Specs/Bug Wiki here dsl_d-link_dsl-2890al Disclosure: D-Link ANZ provided the DSL-2890 and a DWA-182 for review The DWA-182 uses Ralink, not Broadcom but is USB3. And I did not say it didn't work, it pops up a warning that actually says "Enabling USB 3.0 may adversely affect 2.4 wireless range" I have not even tried the USB3 yet.

ASUS USB-N53 uses 2x2 Broadcom via USB 2.0, ASUS PCE-AC66 uses 3x3:3 Broadcom 4360 as do many AC routers but the card supposedly has a compatibility issue with Z87 that is fixed with the unreleased to ANZ AC68 D-Link currently does not market a 3x3:3 AC adapter, hence we went to a second source, ASUS for Wi Fi AC evaluation purposes. Not all AC router platforms have USB 3.0 Super Speed, let alone 2 USB ports. USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt are a pain to implement RF/EMI wise.

D-Link DSL-2890AL Dual Band Wireless AC1750 Gigabit Modem Router and it seems to be only available in Australia? pid=DSL-2890AL Not available in the US as far as I can see. The only thing I hate about D-Link they're even more secretive about their modem chip-set than Netgear or Linksys.

However not knowing anything about recent modems I wanted to do some research. Will the wireless range be good enough for a single story 4 bedroom house? It gave me an extra 300Kbps over my old Dynalink – I only get 7424Kbps max. I managed to connect once to adsl2 (never ever been able to do this before) and I got over 9000Kbps, but once I disconnected, i could not reconnect so will stick with for a while Local wireless is very fast at 2.4G and 5G and the range very good.

In the past D-Link's hardware quality has been questionable on some units and D-Link firmware support is often very poor often slow or firmware updates never come to address issues. I have 2 hard drives connected to the D-Link DSL-2890AL. I was given the option to pick a directory for dlna streaming.

I'm inclined to recommend a modem/router wireless router combo and you can get very compelling combos under 0. I could pick any single directory from either hdrive or i could choose 'root'. Don't be too technical if you have any questions :-) Hooroo Any time Zaman.

I realy dont want it running 24/7 I just wonder what setting am I suposed to select to make it go into a sleep mode. Salesman was going to offer it for 0 with the D-Link DCS932L Day/Night Network Camera (Home Security) included.

Plus should get more feedback from users who've started using it.

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Regards The DSL-2890AL is a new unit and thus there is very little feedback on it. I have a desktop PC 20 metres away connected to 1 ethernet port and I have a TP-Link 8 port switch on a 2nd ethernet port.