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Hindu dating hindus

One of the origin stories surrounding the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple revolves around the sage Divakara Muni.One day, Vishnu appeared to the sage as a lovely child, which caught Divakara’s attention.Still a great deal of that wealth had been stolen by invading kings.

Finally, however, the sage could no longer take it, and scolded the child. Before disappearing, Vishnu told the sage that should he wish to see him again, he would find him in Ananthankaadu.

It was only then that Divakara realized the child’s true identity.

Stricken by remorse, he followed the route he believed the child had taken.

The tree fell onto the ground and assumed the form of Vishnu reclining on the celestial snake Ananta.

The form, however, was too huge to behold, and the sage prayed to Vishnu to shrink it, so that he could see the whole thing.

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The principal deity worshiped at this temple is Vishnu.

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