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Barash & Lipton poignantly wrote in their book Clinton's assertion that he did not have sex with Monica raised the question of not only what sex is but also how marital affairs are defined and whether sex or intercourse are the defining factors in infidelity. This has made it very difficult to comply with the Western-Judeo-Christian proscription.Adultery, unlike infidelity or affair, is a legal and biblical term.The literature about affairs has struggled to differentiate between platonic friendships and emotional affairs.While sexuality is not the determining factor in such differentiation, the issue of faithfulness, exclusion, deception and betrayal are.Similarly, there is some confusion between infidelity, an affair and extramarital sexuality.Many couples in many cultures seem to accept infidelity as part of the culture and unavoidable aspect of marriage.

The different approaches are not mutually exclusive and, except for # 2, the moralistic view, complement each other.

This summary was inspired by the important work of David Atkins, Ph. The root of the term infidelity is 'lack of faith' and disloyalty, as in 'infidel' which is the denial of belief in a certain religion.

With the introduction of the Internet, the definitions of affairs or infidelity become more elusive and complex.

In fact, almost a third of all marriages may need to confront and deal with the aftermath of extramarital affairs and women's infidelity statistics are swiftly catching up to those of men. Even more bad news is that Internet or online affairs have become extremely prevalent and, some claim, pose one of the biggest threats to modern marriage.

Introduction Infidelity, contrary to what most people assume, is neither rare nor exclusively male behavior nor is it certain to end the marriage.

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