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England wife american husband dating

Nittiwat lists the key differences between a Farang husband and a Thai husband Nittawat feels that there is big difference between Thai and farang culture.Her advice for Thai women is to learn about farang culture but remember always that they are Thai.'If a Thai girl or women wants to have a real relationship with a farang guy, she must learn about his culture but also she must have a pride in her own culture, there are the good guys out there and bad guy, it doesn't matter whether they are Thai or Farang.Nittiwat and her husband have formed a partnership in more ways than one and now make a lucrative business out of foreign visitors to Thailand. Now we have a company and my Farang husband from England is also my business partner.You see I could not accept my Thai husband having a new wife.' Nittiwat says more and more Thai women are tuning in to western culture and are demanding a faithful relationship.Nittiwat believes that Thai women must learn more about farang culture from the internet, magazines, TV and most importantly from meeting foreigners.

'I'd like to see my daughter marry a Thai man even though the love I found I life was with an English one,' she says.

'Then I decided to find a farang husband.' Nittiwat advises any Thai woman interested in finding a farang partner that they should resolve to be proud of their Thai culture.

'I think farang like Thai women because of our culture even where this is different to theirs,' she says.

I phoned my step mother and told her I wanted to go home.

She told me to be patient and I was lucky she had given me a long letter on how to be a good wife before I went on my honeymoon with my new husband.

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