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Dating yourself

The second I realized I had been unconsciously putting all the energy I would've spent getting to know someone else towards getting to know myself, my life changed: Finally someone understood me and that person was me.

Eventually, someone else can join this snuggly little relationship.

It's something I'm proud of and it's something I'll try to share with whoever joins me next.

As she kept her eyes on Jesus, letting Him be the sole proprietor of her affections, she was enabled to live each day with joy instead of discontentment, worrying over what she did not have.For once, I let myself think really hard about what I wanted and where I wanted to see myself.I asked questions I hadn't let myself ask before: It wasn't until I wrote the last sentence of the first draft of my first novel, something I'd wanted to do for years, that I looked around and realized what I had done: I'd been alone for over two years and I was more than okay with it.I always had a crush on someone and was always trying to figure out who or what to focus on next.I had such intense fear of being alone that my stomach churned anytime one of my friends got a new boyfriend. There, I had more infatuations, more fixations, and more relationships where I constantly tried to make myself into the person I thought I couldn't understand why I felt so alone yet still be surrounded by so many people.

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