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A wealthy couple take a honeymoon cruise in Tahiti, but the husband disappears without trace.

Director: Brian Trenchard-Smith Cast List: Jack Tate : Michael Shanks Winslaw : Bruce Davison Naomi Tate : Indiana Evans Cinthia Burke Emma Tate : Alexandra Davies Alex : Andrew Casey Harold : Alan Andrews Margaret : Helen Edwards Meteorologist : Sara Cooper Supervisor : John Andrews Local reporter : Megan Bignell Fisherman : Rogan Brown Fisherman : Matt Burton Launch supervisor : Michael Earnshaw A historian is forced into helping a gang leader steal the mystical sword of Attila the Hun, said to grant the wielder supernatural powers.For some, Britain’s imperial past is a source of patriotic pride; for others, a stain on the national conscience.However, while the official government archive might have been expected to have taken a neutral stance, it has withdrawn a series of...Drama set in the aftermath of the Second World War, starring Robert Mitchum, Robert Young, George Cooper, Robert Ryan and Gloria Grahame.Director: Edward Dmytryk Cast List: Keeley : Robert Mitchum Finlay : Robert Young Ginny : Gloria Grahame Man : Paul Kelly Bill : Richard Benedict Montgomery : Robert Ryan Mitchell : George Cooper Floyd : Steve Brodie A mysterious orb of light strikes an oil rig and the resulting explosion creates a swirling mass of clouds and fire that threaten to devastate Los Angeles.

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There is no good time to sack a deputy prime minister, but last night was just about the best point in the 49-day investigation for Theresa May to dismiss Damian Green.