Catgirl dating

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Catgirl dating

SCP-2085-A is a group of five augmented female humans of Japanese origin, designated SCP-2085-A-1 through SCP-2085-A-5.

SCP-2085-A instances are genetically identical, and measure between 1.9 and 2 meters in height and between 70 and 95 kilograms in weight.

All instances of SCP-2085-A are to be contained within separate Type-05 Humanoid Containment Units.

The incident was blamed on inter-gang violence initiated by the rival 14K triad. Events described were, in order: Raid on a sealed Soviet-era bunker with presumed GRU-P connections (Confirmed), breakup of an Ukranian sex trafficking ring (Confirmed but not linked to the group by other sources), a spate of raids under the guise of a San Francisco pizza delivery service (Unconfirmed), and the declaration of SCP-2085-A-4 as Queen of Thailand (Unconfirmed).] Height: 1.92 m Weight: 79 kg Hair: Brown mackerel tabby Notes: Highly cooperative. Wizard doesn’t like talking about it a lot, doesn’t want to make a lot of trouble about it and make us worry about him. Researcher ██████: I understand your frustration, but cooperation will benefit you greatly in the long run. SCP-2085-A-4: [Raises middle finger of other hand] I . Fell from the sky in a meteorite a few winters back. They're going to build spaceships and go to the moon and let nothing get in their way.SCP-2085-A specimens are to be sedated and restrained before removal from containment chambers, or in any situation requiring entry to the containment chamber.Description: SCP-2085 is a male human of indeterminate ethnicity between 40 and 55 years of age, measuring 1.7 meters in height and weighing 68 kilograms.• Skin modifications to regulate sweat and reduce abrasion damage from extended suit usage.• Modification of sebaceous sweat glands to secrete an artificial biofilm to aid in skin regeneration. See Document 2085-EXP for extended information on all known enhancements.

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Variables in height and weight have been attributed to the augmentation process.

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