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This is especially common if things ended badly, but can also apply even if things ended fairly amicably.

Relationships can leave deep wounds – sometimes deeper than we realise.

It can leave you fearful that exactly the same thing could happen again.

The truth, of course, is that it could: but that this isn’t necessarily a reason to never embark on something new.

Counselling can also be a great way of becoming more aware of your relationship habits – both good and bad.

One worry a lot people have when it comes to re-entering the dating game is simply: It can be nerve–wracking thinking about how to actually meet new people, particularly if your social situation is quite different from when you were last single.

You may even feel like they actively sabotaged things.

This can leave you bitter, and wary of showing the same level of trust in someone new.

You might be trying to decide how you should go about meeting new people or be worried whether you’re confident enough to start dating again.At Relate, we commonly see single people for one-to-one counselling.Our counsellors can talk to you about your relationship history and help you think about any issues you’re finding it hard to deal with – things left over from the past and your fears for the future.If you’re struggling to come to terms with your feelings, one thing you may find really useful is simply talking to someone.Friends and family – people you can trust and who you know will listen to you – can be a great help.

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